Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello again.

It's been way too long since I've been here. I've been concentrating on getting my arm better, and have been sleeping poorly, which leaves a person sort of apathetic and unfocused. I finally finished up my physical therapy; now the rest is up to me. I can say with confidence that I feel able to arm wrestle a ten-year old girl and could probably win! The extent of my injury is such that the doctors said it could take twelve to eighteen months to get near my original strength back, so I have a lot of work ahead over the next few months. At least I have full mobility with some strength at this point.


Spring is peeking around the corner. Around here we get teased by spring a lot, but end up getting snow clear into early May sometimes. Just a few days ago we got several inches of snow, now we have flowers blooming.
Picture 1 and 2: crocuses
Picture 3: catkins on a quaking aspen.

I'm getting cabin fever really bad.


The videos and photos coming out of Japan are horrendous; I can only hope they don't get bad aftershocks; I don't know how much that little country can take of being pounded on by Mother Nature.


I was reading over the president's speech on gun control the other day; that was a waste of a good teleprompter. That guy has a definite talent for weaving a skein of drivel a mile long without really saying anything of substance. If he was half as smart as he and his followers think he is, he would fire 99% of the people advising him and hire some people with a bit of experience and something to their credit besides being able to kiss his ass.


Looking at my calendar, I just noticed that my blog will be five years old on Friday. W00t!


Anyone out there having problems with Firefox crashing? It just started doing it the other day. I uninstalled and then reinstalled it, but it still crashes, even without adding any extensions. The only time it doesn't crash is running it in safe mode. I have a suspicion some sort of glitch in the latest flash software is doing it, but I'm not certain. Right now I'm using Chrome (I HATE Internet Explorer), but I wish it was more customizable.


Any favorites in this bunch?

"I'll Pay You Back With Interest" by The Hollies
"Jupiter's Child" by Steppenwolf
"Someone to Watch over Me" by Reneé Olstead
"Eight Miles High" by Leo Kottke
"Summertime Blues" by Blue Cheer
"Wichita Lineman" by Glen Campbell
"Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin
"I Never Cry" Alice Cooper
"There Ain't No Good Chain Gang" by Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings
"Don't Come Around Here No More" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

One of my favorites of Alice Cooper

A classic by two of the best country singers; I miss these guys

One of my favorite groups and one of the best videos from the eighties.