Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just a few more weeks...

Excuse my rant.
Election day can't come too soon for me; I am getting real tired of the media bullshit. It doesn't help that the mainstream media seems to be taking sides. It used to be that journalists tried to just report the news, these days they are trying to shape the news. I guess journalism classes quit teaching the difference between objective and subjective, probably about the time they dropped the concept of ethics from their curriculum.
Personally, I don't really like either side, but I am getting real sick and tired of the left-wing trying to make everything about race. I keep hearing about "code words" that imply race. I have a suggestion for you: pull your heads out of your asses. This may come as a shock to some of you, but white people do not lie awake all night just trying to think up ways to mess with non-whites. Most of us don't care. It sounds more like there are too many people who are up late at night trying to find a hidden "racist" meaning in anything they hear that they don't like. Here is a revelation for you: I have better things to worry about than whether someone has a better suntan than I do. Seems like any time anyone disagrees with somebody, some dingbat jumps up and starts yelling "Racist!" That card is getting a bit worn and old.

"Why am I going to hate someone based solely on the color of their skin when if I get to know them I can find 1,000 other reasons to think they're an asshole?" -George Carlin

I've heard my share of "code words". Without leaving the continental US, I've been called a lot of things, some derogatory, some not so much. How many of you are familiar with all of these? I have had someone call me every one of these (among other things) at one time or another. So what?

Honkie, anglo, bilagáana, gringo, gije, cracker, whitey, yank, goy, damnyankee (yes, that is one word), gaijin, gentile, taibo, redneck, wingnut, hippy, nasrani, and kafir.


Went out and visited my mom a few days ago; wanted to help her get some stuff squared away for winter. Did some pruning, hammered a few nails, did a bit of fixing.

This guy kept an eye on me.


Looks like it is time to shut down the garden. Sunday we woke up to some snow.

My zucchini plant has looked better.

Still some snow on my vehicle at noon.

The Wasatch Mountains on the east side of the valley.

The Oquirrh Mountains on the west side of the valley.


Top ten of a random pick; I don't seem to see any pattern here, really. Any favorites here?

"How the West Was Won" Movie Soundtrack
"Don't Walk Away" by Electric Light Orchestra
"C'est What" by Bud Shank
"Takin' Care of Business" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive
"Guinnevere" by Crosby, Stills and Nash
"No More Words" by Berlin
"I Only Want to Be With You" by Dusty Springfield
"Me and the Devil Blues" by Eric Clapton
"The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot
"Moon River" by Henry Mancini


skipper said...

Agreed on the political crap - let it be over all ready!

Snow so soon? Maybe rethinking the whole moving back to the midwest thing...

and my favorite - Taking care of Business....

BobG said...

I just wish we had the choice "None of the above".
At least we had a light snow; I've seen heavier this time of year.

AlanDP said...

I have "No More Words" in my 80s music section.

Expect the use of "racism" to get worse after he wins. Anyone who opposes him will be accused of racism. Eventually anyone who does not overtly support him will be accused of racism. It's going to get very ugly.

meleah rebeccah said...

It's already snowing where you live? Holy! It was like 78 degrees over here today. WOW.

Anywho...I am SICK of the politics this year. I really can't stomach much more of this.

meleah rebeccah said...

PS: I love all songs by Crosby, Stills and Nash

GeologyJoe said...

'None of the Above' just like Brewster's Millions.

I was surprised to see you've already had snow. its gonna be a cold one. im glad just i got 5 cord to heat the house with this year.
I better get started for next season.

BobG said...

Snow is not unusual this time of year around here; we are at about 4300ft elevation, and have a big-ass lake next to us. Today it got up to 68º, but that can vary quite a bit over the next couple of weeks. We still haven't had a hard frost, and the leaves here in the valley haven't changed colors yet.

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

We had a skiff of snow over night one time but melted by noon the next day... otherwise it's been really chilly overnights and very clear with a bright moon and extremely frosty! Quite pretty actually when the moon shines on that frost... like a bazillion diamonds twinkling.
I walk to work every morning at 5 am... brrrr.
Hope all is well with you.
Mountain Retreat- Canada

BobG said...

Michele: I'm surprised it's not colder up in your area. I'm glad to hear that you're doing a lot better.

Kenny said...

I agree about the election crap. The left will lie and cheat to get Obama elected. I wonder what will happen in the big Cities if he does not win, could be ugly

terri said...

I'll be glad to see this election come to an end too, although I wonder how tense things will continue to be and for how long afterwards.

Can't believe you saw snow already. I'm enjoying a beautiful fall, lots of color and trying not to think about snow just yet.

I see several faves in your playlist, BTO, Berlin and Gordon Lightfoot.

MauserMedic said...

Damn, Bob, I've never heard of some those words. I'm impressed! But I always thought taibo was some muscular guy faking martial arts while a bunch of chubbies hopped around in the background.

BobG said...

terri: it hasn't been too bad since; the daytime temperatures have been in the high sixties, and at night it is in the high thirties, so things could be worse.

mausermedic: a lot of it depends on where you live. Taibo is a Shoshoni word for white man: Utes, Paiutes, Goshiutes, Comanche, and many others speak Shoshoni dialects.
Bilagáana- Diné (Navajo) for white man.
Gije- Romany (Gypsy) for a non-Gypsy.
Nasrani- means Christian (from the word for Nazarene) in Arabic
Kafir- unbeliever in Arabic

Most of the others most people have heard.

Anonymous said...

Seconded on getting tired of the election crap already, and thirded/fourthed/whatevered on the whole "racism" nonsense. It really is turning into a combination of "crying wolf" and "methinks they dost protest too much", and neither is looking good for the Democrats.

As for snow, just got back from Reno last week, and it snowed while we were out there. And my hands froze off out at the range. Bleh.

DirtCrashr said...

The Media needs to die after this election. Just totally die and rot in Hell.

Thud said...

I love turning south at SLC and heading down the wasatch to my sisters....just something about them .