Sunday, November 04, 2012

No, I haven't quit blogging

I haven't been too focused lately due to sleep problems, but hopefully some new medication may help with that.


I'll be glad when the elections are finished; I'm getting tired of computer calls and assholes trying to tell me who to vote for.  I have been looking up candidates' records to make my decisions; I refuse to watch debates on TV; all they amount to is a long session of "Dueling Douchebags", only without the banjo music.
Personally, I don't think any president can get us out of the rut we're in; I think we've gotten to the place where nature is going to have to take its course, and all the taxes and promises from representatives won't help.
Just my opinion.


 I was looking in my spam folder to make certain it wasn't snagging legitimate emails, and I have to wonder who the hell comes up with those email headers.  Ninety percent of the emails express concern about the proper growth and management of my wedding tackle, and have the most ridiculous titles I've ever seen:

"Give her a whopper in the bedroom!"
"Be the envy of the locker room!"
"Become the neighborhood stud!"

Really, people?  I'd be willing to bet most of them are bad translations from some other language (my bet is on Asian based on the structure of most of them), and they come off like a bad spiel from a carny barker with a limited education.  I don't know if they can help anyone ("She will scream loud with delight!"), but they give me quite a few laughs reading them.


 Some of you out there might wonder how close the Southpark gravatar I use actually looks like me.


My wife took this a few weeks ago up in the mountains.  Notice the vest, hat, camera and beard.  I don't have my shotgun as in the gravatar, and you can't see my gold earring in the photo, but I think it is a fairly close match.


A few pictures of our mountains that I took about a month ago, we've been getting bits of snow up there for some time now.  Click to enlarge.


Any favorites or comments?

"Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot
"As Time Goes By" by Rosemary Clooney
"Turn the Page" by Bob Seger
"Moonlight Drive" by The Doors
"Abracadabra" by Steve Miller Band
"She's Not There" by The Zombies
"Gypsy" by The Moody Blues
"It's In The Way That You Use It" by Eric Clapton
"Crazy Blue Eyes" by Lacy J. Dalton
"Leather and Lace" by Stevie Nicks


terri said...

"Wedding tackle" - that's a new one to me. Made me laugh!

The mountains are gorgeous! The mix of yellow and green in the trees make it look like a painting. So pretty!

I'd say your gravatar is a very close representation!

As for musical favorites - I'll take Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot.

terri said...
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James Higham said...

No, I haven't quit blogging

You're just laid back about it, Bob, getting us keen.

Kenny said...

Glad to see you back blogging. Who knows I may post on my blog someday,

Julie said...

Hope that new medicine works out for you. Loved the pics of the mountain.

Comrade Misfit said...

Nicce to see you posting again. Great photos!

BobG said...

Terri: our mountain forests are usually a mix of maple, aspen, and pine, which tends to give a nice colorful mix.

James: I wish that was all it was; truth be told I just have trouble getting it together some days.

Kenny: blogging should be done when you feel like doing it, not because you are trying to meet a deadline or something.

Julie: the medication is for restless leg syndrome; I am starting to get to sleep sooner, so hopefully I can get more than 3 or 4 hours a night.

Comrade Misfit: always glad to hear from you. We may differ (a lot!) in our ideologies, but if we were all the same we would get bored.

NotClauswitz said...

It's you! :-)

Anonymous said...
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