Monday, April 17, 2006

So much for spring...

These are a couple of shots from my front porch; hell of a thing to wake up to on a Monday morning in spring.


Nate said...

And how come I didn't know you were blogging already? Hmm? I gotta get you linked up when I get home tonight.

Going to the gun show at Southtown Expo Center at teh end of the month? I'm planning on ammo stocking for the summer. And I think we need a Saturday in May shooting get together, what do you think?

BobG said...

Doesn't sound bad; I usually like going out in the sticks rather than to
a range. I'll be looking over the gun show for odds and ends. End of
May I might be out of town; might be going down to Moab for the long
weekend then.

Nate said...

Shoot me an email and I'll get you my cell phone number so we can connect on Saturday.

Shooting trip will definitely be to the desert. I'm even going to try to get spousal permission to drag the camper (its hers, really)out for a weekend of daylight shooting and night time sitting and watching a fire burn. We'll talk.