Monday, September 25, 2006

Gas from manure; large plant to open in Texas

This is something that has been done quite a bit in the past (I remember reading about people doing it on farms during the sixties), but it sounds like someone is going to try it on a large commercial scale in Texas. Hope it works out.
Actually, maybe they should locate it in the nation's capitol or possibly in California; either one of them puts out enough bullshit to supply half the free world.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

State sues car firms on climate

If there was ever any doubt that the state of California was completely batshit crazy, this should settle it.

California is asking for "monetary compensation" for the damage which it says their emissions are doing to health, economy and environment.

State lawyers want any judgement for damages to be ongoing, so that manufacturers will be liable every year.

I would like to see them prove that all of their problems are caused by car exhausts. If they are, try complaining to the people who are driving the cars. Of course that might lose some votes...
Obviously what we have here is an incompetent bunch of politicians trying to find some way to soak someone for more money without raising taxes. So like any other greedy loser, they result to highway robbery reckless litigation.
What a bunch of jackasses.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Childhood Obesity

According to a report, this is becoming quite a problem. I agree, but I do not agree with the following:

The creation and evaluation of programs needs to be done by federal and local governments, says the report. It calls on the food industry to promote healthy products, as well as to take steps to develop well-balanced and nutritious products.

Since when is it the government's responsibility? I thought that was something that parents did? Aren't they the ones who are supposed to raise their children, take care of their needs, and teach them how to cope with life?
The last thing we need is the state taking on even more nanny responsibilities than it has now.
Just my opinion.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shooting at Montreal college

This is a helluva note; another group of nuts deciding to shoot up a school. Of course with the gun register and all the gun regulations, this will be cleared up quickly, right? I doubt it; they aren't even certain how many shooters were there.

"We don't know what is happening," said one student who remained barricaded in a classroom with about 30 other people after the shootings.
"There's no one here to tell us what to do."

People are shooting at them, and they don't know what to do? And this from college students...


Looks like there was one shooter, and the police nailed him, but not until after a lot of people got hurt.
Too bad they don't let people carry protection up there; maybe fewer people would have gotten shot.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I've seen better weekends

Haven't had much of a chance to sit at the computer this weekend. Sunday I got a call from out at my mom's; the firefighters were just arriving to get after a brush fire that started out in the middle of my mom's 20 acres. We rushed out their, but even driving like a maniac, it takes about an hour. The fire was pretty well out, except for a few hot spots, but it did manage to completely burn some sheds and stuff like tillers, snow blowers, and such. Luckily, no one was hurt. The blaze came up to about 2-3 feet from her home, and was blocked by the rocks along her flower bed. Spent part of yesterday and today out there fixing some of the stuff that wasn't damaged by the fire. When the fire was first sighted, all of her neighbors for miles around came and helped move equipment and valuables away from the area, and helped with shovels and a backhoe to make fire breaks. My thanks to all of them. I may be busy from time to time out there, so blogging may or may not be spotty for a few days.
This is a picture of part of the area, her home is on the far right; you can see where it burnt around the pump house and up to the home. It probably burned up a total of about six or seven acres.

Click for larger view.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Woman orders bears out of her kitchen

Very lucky lady; though I know a few old ladies who could bite a bear on the butt and kick it for bleeding.
I think if I lived in that area, I would start keeping one of my 44's in the kitchen area...