Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Going on vacation

Will be getting things packed for a vacation trip; tomorrow we will be leaving for Moab in southern Utah. Hopefully the weather will be good in order to indulge in hiking, photography, driving the Jeep down old roads, etc. For those who enjoy desert country and scenery, it is hard to beat that area. We may also drop in on Durango, Colorado, as that is only a couple of hours away from Moab.


Reason said...

Hey Bob, I wanted to drop in and say a couple of things. First of all, thanks for the comments on my blog.

Secondly, I wanted to get a little insight into living in the West. Are you aware of any of the "free state" projects?

Send me an email if you'd like.

BobG said...

The only ones I am aware of are the one in New Hampshire, and the one in Wyoming. What sort of information about the West interests you?

Nate said...

Bob, are you taking your cell phone to Moab? My kid's heading out too for the same area, it might be nice if he had a backup plan. Maybe it would be just a thing to keep the old man from worrying while he's out there.

Shoot me an email if you would.

Reason said...

Well, as you could probably guess, my primary concern with pulling up stakes and moving out there would be finding a balance between employment (I'm an engineer) and freedom. I'm looking for what probably everyone else in the world is looking for, somewhere that:

is sparsely populated enough that I could reasonably purchase enough land to have a moderate homestead;

is near enough to a technological center where I could find a decent job;

is relatively free (tax freedom, gun freedom, education freedom, etc).

I think there is a Free State West alliance sort of thing between Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Kenny said...


Stay out of Utah if you want tax freedom. Montana does not have sales tax, but their property tax is high. Gun freedom is good along the intermountain west.

Reason said...

I'd rather have income or sales tax than property tax, since I'd rather own property than make (or spend) a lot of money.

BobG said...

I just saw your comment Nate, missed it the other day before we left. Did everything go ok with your son's trip?