Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More schools ban games at recess

The nanny state is at it again; the game of tag is regarded as too dangerous for elementary school students in some areas. It is normal for children to get bruises and skinned knees; that is part of growing up and learning to handle life. What kind of an adult does a person grow up to be who is overly coddled during their childhood? Faling down teaches you how to be careful and pay attention to your surroundings, rather than standing around and squealing for help any time life throws a curve ball at you.


Bonita said...

Good point, Bob. We just simply are not preparing kids for real life nowadays. They need the rough and tumble, and especially the outdoors. (I wonder if lawsuits are part of this issue.)

BobG said...

I expect so; what we need is more responsible people and fewer unethical lawyers.

Lisa W. said...

I think were over-protecting, over-everything'ing our kids and I think that's why they're ending up with this entitlement attitude...which is a really sad thing to see.