Saturday, December 09, 2006

More e. colli cases at Taco Bell

Looks like they're still having problems at Taco Bell.

Doctors for the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that the investigation into an E. coli outbreak is still ongoing and that they expect the case count to increase in the coming days.

To date, no data implicate or rule out any specific food item served at the Taco Bell restaurants, the FDA said. It obtained samples of all nonmeat items served in the restaurants that could carry the pathogen. These include cilantro, cheddar cheese, blended cheese, green onions, yellow onions, tomatoes and lettuce. The samples are being tested at FDA and state laboratories.

Does it ever occur to people that maybe they should not eat there until this is cleared up? Who goes to eat at a chain where they have an ongoing food poisoning problem? It would seem that some of these people would notice a pattern here.
Personally, I could never stomach the quasi-Mexican food sold there, but people's tastes vary. I'm certain there has to be someplace with food as bad as theirs that will not give you food poisoning.

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Phoenix Ravenflame said...

My husband says a lot of these problems are caused by crop growers and harvesters defecating in the fields with the crops, and that many of these people are uneducated, so they don't know better. I'd say that's an indication that we need to stop getting crops from Mexico or from people who use cheap Mexican labor. I'm not opposed to Mexicans in general... just uneducated ones shitting on my food.