Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Campus gun-rights duel erupts again

Legislation that could restrict guns on college campuses hadn't even been released to the public by late Monday, but already gun-rights advocates are lobbying to kill it.
An e-mail Gunowners of Utah (GOUtah) sent members calls on them to stop the "aging ex-hippies" at the University of Utah from restricting concealed weapons anywhere on campus.
"There's no reason why the University of Utah should be given any special perks with banning guns," said Charles Hardy, GOUtah's policy director. "There are no other state agencies that can ban guns without a legitimate, secure area."
The group's target is SB251, drafted as a compromise between pro-gun lawmakers and higher education officials. Sen. Greg Bell, R-Fruit Heights, the bill's sponsor, said it would allow faculty members to choose whether to allow guns in their offices, and it would regulate guns in dorms, requiring concealed-weapons permit holders to store their weapons in school-provided lockers.

I don't see why they need a solution to a problem that does not exist; can anyone tell me how many people have been threatened/injured/killed by legal gun owners on the campus?

But for many U. students, the bill doesn't go far enough.
Marko Mijic hopes the bill passes, but, ideally, the pre-pharmacy sophomore wishes guns could be banned.
"It would be nice to have guns prohibited on the entire campus," he said. "But I think this bill will help ensure the safety of faculty and the campus as a whole."
Jonah Petit, a junior in mechanical engineering, agrees.
"It could be harmful, even fatal to have guns on campus," he said.
Others, though, such as Marilee Larsen, a freshman, said she isn't worried about licensed gun-owners on campus. "If they're licensed, then they know how to handle a gun, and the U. is public property," she said.

Why is it harmful to have legal guns on campus, but no one seems to be worried about people who carry them illegally? It sounds more like a bunch of naive youngsters who have been well programmed by their parents/schools into knee-jerk reactions.
Just my opinion.


Carrie said...

Wow. That is weird. I didn't know it was an issue. I thought if you were licensed you can carry them wherever.

Kenny said...

You can carry anywhere but federal buildings, court houses and the post office. At least in Utah.

guns on campus is a non issue, it is just anti gun crowd chipping away at our rights.

Scott Freeman said...

What a great idea. As we all know, "No guns" signs create invisible force fields that homicidal maniacs are unable to penetrate.

The Other Mike S. said...

You've just got to shake your noggin at the "logic" employed here. Cynical Libertarian hit the nail on the head.

I'd love one of these whack-jobs to show me the permission slip any person obtained PRIOR to going on a shooting spree.

Anonymous said...

My own son used to be able to think on his own, did some playing with guns, but not alot. The U messed his head up bad!

Finally he is coming around a bit, but it has taken a great deal of time to do so.

He actually almost purchased a house in Rose Park!!!!! A single father with two kids! He seemed to think his presense in a war zone could alter the war!

I could but cringe at the thought, and suggested that he spend some evenings real close to this prospective home!

He bought something else! Down around 2200 south.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

What is wrong with these leftarded hippies?

Nate said...

I've contacted the 7 senators on the committee working SB251 and asked them to kill it. Last night's shooting at Trolley Square should be proof enough that bad guys bring illegal weapons into places to do harm in spite of any laws and legal, permit holding, weapons carrying citizens are not the problem.

What is it, a mile from Trolley Square to the U? That fool with the shotgun could just as easily wandered into the cafeteria or library there.