Friday, March 09, 2007

FBI admits abuse of Patriot Act

The Bush administration misused its authority and improperly obtained personal information about people in the US on hundreds of occasions, according to a report released by a US Justice Department watchdog.

Robert Mueller, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said he was to be held accountable for the abuses, which involved the improper use of so-called national security letters, which allowed the FBI to obtain personal information, including telephone, banking, and e-mail records.

Anyone who couldn't see this coming wasn't looking.
The federal government almost always abuses any power that is given to them; why should this be any different? Just about any governing body will try to evolve into a police state if you allow them to do so, that is why we have to keep on top of them all the time. Once the people give the state a certain amount of power, it no longer needs them to acquire more; it is as if there is a critical mass that is reached, and the state becomes a separate entity. It is because of this that the founders of this country attempted to limit the government by the enumeration of what the state could not do, these become the Bill of Rights. The government these days acts as if these are rights that they grant the citizens, rather than recognize them as a line drawn to show the limits of the state. It is time that people start holding on to these rights, before they are "redefined" and taken away.
Just my opinion.


KurtP said...

Why does the name Craig Livingstone pop into my mind when I hear something like this?

BobG said...

kurtp: does ring some bells, doesn't it.
Of course, I remember the FBI doing stuff like this under LBJ.

Calvine said...

Good post.