Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Utah County Jail may bill inmates for their stay

SPANISH FORK -Inmates at the Utah County Jail may soon have to pay for their stay behind bars.
Utah County's sheriff has signed off on a "Pay to Stay" concept.
Under the program, inmates locked up on misdemeanor crimes - such as assault and DUI - would pay $10 for each day they spend in jail.
The program was launched back in 2003 after the Utah Legislature approved a law allowing county jails to charge inmates. The money will then be used to pay for the increasing costs of the jail due in part to its growing population.
The main goal of the program is to hold inmates accountable for their actions. The sheriff's office hopes to begin the program by mid-summer.

Sounds like a good idea; I wish they would do it more often.


GUYK said...

the chain gang concept was not all that bad of an idea

Anonymous said...

If you refuse to pay do they evict you???

BobG said...

If you don't pay, they garnish your wages for the total amount after you get out of jail.

Hammer said...

I wish they would just keep em out of jail and make them pay restitution that way.