Thursday, May 03, 2007

More Bradyspam

These people never let up, and they never fail to distort the truth and lie. Just got this one in the Inbox.
Here's one section of it, to give you an idea of the bullshit they're spreading now.

What can we do about gun violence?

There are many things we can do to prevent gun violence. Here are three policy proposals:

1. We must comprehensively and effectively apply the Brady background check system, so no one who we want to prohibit from buying guns can legally buy one.
Effective background checks would have stopped the Virginia Tech killer from buying these guns.

2. We must reduce access to weaponry that is not for sport and not for self-defense.
Had Congress and the President not allowed the assault weapon ban to expire, the killer may not have been able to obtain the high capacity magazines he used in his assault.

3. We must give our police and federal law enforcement the tools and resources they need to fight gun crimes, including illegal gun trafficking and corrupt gun dealers.
New technologies, such as microstamping and other ballistic identification systems, might have allowed authorities to identify the Virginia Tech shooter earlier, before his second, most deadly, rampage.
Gun violence prevention should not be controversial. The overwhelming majority of Americans believe that gun violence is a huge problem. And most Americans believe that we should have tougher gun laws. Most Americans, including most gun owners, support the policy proposals I've suggested
I don't know where to begin with this section.

1. Brady checks don't work; if someone wants a gun, they will steal it or buy it illegally.
2. What gun that is on their list is not made for sport or self-defense? And what the hell does magazine size have to do with anything?
3. Microstamping and such are not practical, and they don't mean a thing. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of firearms could disable that, or change the "ballistic fingerprint" of a firearm with little problems. And the statement that most gun owners support the above proposals? Not hardly.
These people are incapable of telling the truth, and anyone who believes them without checking the facts is sadly lacking in the ability to form rational thoughts. Of course, like the old saying, "There's a sucker born every minute."
Just my opinion.


The Cynical Libertarian said...

"Most Americans, including most gun owners, support the policy proposals I've suggested."

That's right up there with:

"Most Jews want to go to the camps, they're like holiday resorts."

Kenny said...

I got the same letter and a request to send their form letter in to my elected officals. I did send in the letter only after I changed the wording a little bit.

I changed the subject to read" what are you going to do to stop the attack on our gun rights" I then rewrote the letter into a pro second amenmen letter. I pointed out the size of the magazine does not many anything,enforce the laws we have, make gun crimes and drug dealing a capital offense letter.

crotalus said...

Here's another lie from the Shady Bradys: Paul Helmke, being interviewed by Lars Larson, claimed that there were no other guns except the shooter's, that two students didn't go to their cars and get their guns. He claimed that this was an "internet myth"!

crotalus said...

Uhh, that was at the Appalachian Law School, where two students stopped the shooter with their own guns. Guess I need to check my postsa little better.

Hammer said...

I did their stupid survey and answered everything pro gun and they still spam me with this BS.

I finally unsubscribed.

Bonnie said...

I'm surrounded by these types of people, in my own family and in my town. I've stopped trying to discuss anything political with my father, because he openly rolls his eyes at me, and my mother worked at the IRS, so she's not going to agree with me about the taxation issue...because that would wipe out 10 years of her employment as a lie. So...I've kind of given up on them. My sisters, and the other people my age, however...they get an earful when they bring things up, because I operate on the fairness-of-opinion rule: You feel the need to assail my ears with your opinion, I'm going to follow suit.

My point with that blurb is that I feel that what the poster above (Kenny) did is precisely what I would do in this situation. You push your stupid propaganda on me? I'll enlighten you.