Friday, August 24, 2007

Another letter

The Brady Bunch is pushing again; part of their latest letter below:


Dear Robert,

Paul Helmke and Jesse Jackson at Rainbow PUSH Event
Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke joined Jesse Jackson at a Chicago protest against illegal gun trafficking, organized by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition designed to highlight the roleplayed by corrupt gun dealers.

We know you share our dream of a safer, saner America. We also know this dream must be supported by action.

That is why the Brady Campaign is supporting the Rainbow PUSH Coalition's National Day of Protest — against corrupt gun dealers and the scourge of illegal gun trafficking in our country — on Tuesday, August 28, the anniverary of Martin Luther King's March on Washington. We ask that you support this day in any way you can: by joining us at one of the protests or by giving a gift in honor of the day.

More than 20 events are being organized in communities throughout the nation by the Brady Campaign's Million Mom March Chapters, state gun violence prevention groups, and individual activists.


Notice how they are begging for more money, again? These people have no shame.
And who is their poster boy today?
Jesse Jackson, assclown and media whore par excellence. These people are targeting law-abiding merchants (if they are doing any illegal trafficking, they would have been arrested by now) who are not bothering anyone. If they want to cut down on crime, try going after criminals, and conditions that give rise to criminals. Jackson would be better advised to try protesting against drug dealers, since much of the crime stems from drug users. Of course, he wouldn't get his face in the media or get as many donations. The same goes for the Brady Campaign; they make more money by demonizing inanimate objects than pushing for better criminal control. Most firearms used in crimes are not bought from licensed dealers or gun shows; they are stolen or bought from other criminals, something which has been known to the law enforcement community for years. Of course, we can't be distracted by the facts, can we?
I think I need another cup of coffee...


Kenny said...

I got the same piece of crap Email. I will buy a minimum of 500 rounds on the 28th. I should buy another gun on that date just because. These folks make me sick. My guns have never killed anybody and I doubt that they ever will. I can say that my guns have killed less folks then Kennedy's car.

Comrade Misfit said...

Support your local gunshop!

Fight National Sheepification Day!

The Other Mike S. said...

Yeah, I got mine, too. It had a tag-on to contact my state senator to vote for the impending micro-stamping law they're trying to get passed.

It reminded me to email my senator to vote NO.

Wyatt said...

EBM - It's Support Your Local Gunfighter, but I forgive you. Heh.

Jesse Jackson is getting involved here? Swell. Not these toads have even LESS credibility.

Deathlok said...

Isn't the Rainbow symbol claimed by another group. Show somw originality.

John R said...

After all was said and done, it appears that the antis did not get much of a turn out at any of their rallies today. Hopefully, they received even less $.

Brandon said...

Jesse Jackson, assclown

Heh. That was good for a hearty chuckle. I think I'll just make the gun/pawn shop circuit this weekend and see if I can bring home something new-to-me. It's for the children - my children, who'll inherit all my toys when I move on to the next plane.

Less said...

It's funny I was at the DSA
counter protest that was put up
by a Chicago group, the NSPPL.

The parade only lasted about an
hour. The local media didn't even
show it on TV.

Of course the commie, pinko Chicago
papers wrote about it the next day,
but it still wasn't even on TV...

All in all Jackson only had ~150
people... What was interesting is
that the NSPPL fronted about 25
guys who all came of their own