Thursday, October 25, 2007

Poll: One-third believe in ghosts, UFOs

WASHINGTON (AP) — It was bad enough when the TV and lights inexplicably flicked on at night, Misty Conrad says. When her daughter began talking to an unseen girl named Nicole and neighbors said children had been murdered in the house, it was time to move.

Put Conrad, a homemaker from Hampton, Va., firmly in the camp of the 34% of people who say they believe in ghosts, according to a pre-Halloween poll by The Associated Press and Ipsos. That's the same proportion who believe in unidentified flying objects — exceeding the 19% who accept the existence of spells or witchcraft.
According to the poll, over a third of the people in this country believe in ghosts. Interesting, in a country like America in the 21st century.
A smaller but still substantial 23% say they have actually seen a ghost or believe they have been in one's presence, with the most likely candidates for such visits including single people, Catholics and those who never attend religious services.
I would have thought that more religious people would believe in the supernatural; evidently that is not so.
By 31% to 18%, more liberals than conservatives report seeing a specter.
Hmm, that explains a lot...


KurtP said...

I saw this on a TV show, but I agree,,,

I can't say I *don't* believe in ghosts just because I don't want them coming into my house, keeping me awake to proove they're real"

Hammer said...

I saw a science channel program that offered a convincing argument that ghosts are vivid hallucinations caused by strong electromagnetic fields.

Groanin' Jock said...

I remember hearing these statistics before. I think the item in question said that more Americans believe in ghosts and aliens than own a passport. In fact, if the percentages are correct, more Americans claim to have SEEN a ghost than own a passport....

Sen. Peter Higham Paul said...

I've seen one.

Brandon said...

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skywriter said...

I felt that cold damp presence next to me, that dark form. I laid stone silent in bed, hoping it would not realize I was awake and aware.

A shadow passed across the wall, as the eerie form emitted a low whistling noise, followed by the odor of hell itself. brimstone and sulfer.


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