Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Let's summarize...

1. Britney is still batshit crazy.
2. Heath Ledger is still dead from an OD.
3. All the presidential candidates are lying hypocrites and backstabbers who will say anything to get elected.
4. American Idol is still irrelevant to...just about everything.

Can we move on now in the news?


Thought for a bit I was going to take a chauffeured ride to the hospital this morning; went outside to get in my vehicle and slipped on some ice that was under the snow (it is snowing today); went down hard with all my weight right on one kneecap onto the cement. After a couple of minutes my head cleared and I was able to barely get up and go back into the house to sit for a bit. My knee is a little better, mainly just skinned and bruised, but I also managed to pull a muscle right below my belt buckle, (please don't ask how far below) and one in my lower back that is currently causing be to berate it in very colorful language. I had to leave to get things done, and since getting home I have been drinking coffee and favoring my knee for now. Things should get better, I hope, since I still have to clear the snow from the driveway and sidewalk. For the past 10 or 12 days we have been getting snow every other day, so this stuff is getting real old.


More blues, rock, jazz, and country; this is the top ten on the shuffle:

"Stack O' Lee Blues" by Mississippi John Hurt
"Saginaw, Michigan" by Lefty Frizzell
"California Dreamin'" by The Mamas & the Papas
"One O'Clock Jump" by Count Basie
"Let's Live for Today" by The Grass Roots
"Who Can It Be Now?" by Men at Work
"Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight" by Buddy Holly
"You Only Live Twice" by Nancy Sinatra
"Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood
"Foxey Lady" by Jimi Hendrix

Any fans out there?


Hammer said...

Your take on the news sure does save time. Hope you get to feeling better. Those falls can be brutal.

the pistolero said...

I do love me some Lefty Frizzell, as well as the Hag, one of the guys Lefty heavily influenced. My favorite George Thorogood tune is "I Drink Alone."

AlanDP said...

The chord structure of "California Dreamin'" does things to me. It's one of those songs that I can hardly listen to while driving because of the vivid images it creates.

This song is probably the best example of the "big voice" created by the harmonies of the Mamas and the Papas.

Another of my favorites of theirs, although it is a very different kind of song, is "Dancing Bear."

NICKEL said...

I hope you are better. Probably by tomorrow you will be a lot worse before you actually get better. Take care.

Breda said...

feel better soon, bobG!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Egads! I really hope you are ok, that sounded like a pretty nasty fall. Quick, how many fingers am I holding up? Seriously, rest and don't do that again! :)

terri said...

I'm sensing a bit of sarcasm and impatience with the top headlines!

So sorry to hear about your fall! Sounds like you really did it up good. Take it easy and I hope that you're feeling better soon!

Nate said...

Bob, the "melt during the day and freeze up after dark" problem can get each of us if wearen't really careful. I hope you're ok. The BSU went down in our carport a couple nights ago due to ice where I didn't get salt down fast enough.

Ace said...

I love that phrase: "Batshit crazy."

Also known as "guano loco," as one comedian put it.

Anonymous said...

A big time fan of some of those songs!

And Britney? I don't think she has any spark in her brain.

Groanin' Jock said...

Foxy Lady is a personal favourite - the music manages to evoke a beautiful woman (or it does in my head anyway).