Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm still here

It's been way too long since I've done anything here; seemed to have a case of the blahs caused by the changing of the seasons; it always seems to knock my metabolism out of whack for a while. Hopefully I can get my act together soon.


The presidential brawl has been interesting to watch; the Democratic candidates have been down in the mud and the shit kicking, gouging, biting, and kneeing each other fairly good on the news. I am getting the feeling that whoever gets the nomination, the followers of the other side will vote against them just out of spite by the time this is over. In the meantime, McCain is sitting on the sidelines, sniping on occasion. Basically, these two are digging up enough dirt on each other that McCain won't have to do it; I hope they realize that when the real campaign starts, then whoever wins the primary has to start digging up stuff on McCain and shifting gears to fight with him. Personally, I wouldn't want any of them voted in as dogcatcher, let along POTUS, but that's just my opinion, yours may differ.


Talk about a fool's paradise; I have to wonder what rock he has been hiding under; anyone who thinks that Hamas is going to sit down and make nice with Israel is either uninformed or an idiot. Those groups hate Israel and have only one goal regarding it; the complete and utter distruction of Israel and the death of all the Jews. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get a clue. To them, a peace treaty is something you use stall with while you're collecting pipe bombs and organizing people who are brave enough to murder children.


We are starting to get something that looks like spring, only colder. I've been taking more pictures (this is starting to turn into a garden blog); hope I'm not boring you too much with these. The bottom one is a mourning dove; our neighborhood is full of them, and I usually have several in my yard at any one time. This one was a little shy, so I had a hard time getting a photo. I also have a couple of greenhead mallards (a drake and a hen) who come around now and then, but they get really uptight if I try to photograph them.


No country music in the playlist today; everything else, though.

"After Dark" by Tito & Tarantula
"Lazy River" by Benny Goodman
"Maybellene" by Chuck Berry
"To Cry You a Song" by Jethro Tull
"Bye Bye Blackbird" by John Coltrane/Miles Davis
"Honey Bee" by Muddy Waters
"Kentucky Woman" by Neil Diamond
"Hey Lawdy Mama" by Steppenwolf
"When the Music's Over" by The Doors
"Crawlin' King Snake" by John Lee Hooker


terri said...

I was wondering where you've been! Glad to see you back. And I love all the floral and wildlife photos. Keep 'em coming!

Hammer said...

Great pics!

I hear you on the mud slinging.
It's like watching a war between Iran and Syria. You don't care who wins as long as the body count is high :)

Sebastian said...

I have the same problem when the season shift. I feel tired a lot, and have a hard time adjusting the sleep schedule.

Semaj Mahgih said...

I ran After Dark as a YouTube not long ago.

brandy101 said...

Love the pics - I also have a pair of mallards who visit; the hen is a bit more trusting than the drake...I snapped her pic a few days ago.

BobG said...

terri- hopefully my metabolism will get itself together; I seem to be tired a lot lately.

hammer- the campaigns are starting to look like a bunch of feral dogs fighting over scraps.

sebastian- I don't sleep enough when I'm feeling good ;)

james- my favorite is from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn with Salma Hayek.

brandy- we have a canal about a quarter mile away; I think the mallards are nesting there. I've also seen a couple of muskrats on my street before dawn in the summer.

H2o said...

You and Nancy both have such pretty blooms posted.

JDP said...

Great photos BobG.


Kenny said...

Glad you are back, I was getting worried

Wyatt Earp said...

Just seeing those flowers makes my eyes itch.

Semaj Mahgih said...

Agree with your sentiments there, Bob and liked the shots.

A Week In The Life of A Redhead said...

Bob, I think you and I were at the same place.
Except my disappearance involves a non-profit job that pays shi*, works me to death, but I get a title. Who hoo. ...and I actually got the "Help me, help you..." speech in my review (sigh, yes they still believe in those things while the rest of the world has let them go). I wanted to hang myself right there except I have no rope because Brian used it to make a tent over his bed.
I'm told I am suppose to feel grateful to have steady work. I am more grateful I still have wine left from my mortgage banking days.
But I am back writing too and hoping for a miracle in my life... or a free replacement bottle of wine...
Your photo of your flowers made me smile ... along with your always funny, brilliant postings to my blog. Thanks for helping me cope.
Catherine, the redhead blogger

GeologyJoe said...

It sure is nice this year that spring has sprung.

As for politicians I just wish for the day when it's not a vote for the lesser of two evils.

LeeAnn said...

And here I am late to the comment party, but still and anyways...
Glad you're back, and the pics are gorgeous, especially the tulips. As we have no seasons here, my blahs have no rationale but just attack whenever. I tend to blame politics. And lack of strawberry ice cream.