Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Still shakin' it here, boss"

 I'm assuming most of my small handful of readers recognize the title to this post.  It seemed sort of fitting based on my irregular posting habits.


I've been reading about the earthquake in Haiti; looks like quite a disaster.  As bad as a lot of man-made stuff can be, Mother Nature has a nasty was of sucker-punching people that cannot even be imagined by most people.  It's pretty hard to be prepared for something that you can't really predict as far as time or intensity.  Hopefully the aid being sent by various countries and organizations will help.


Give me a break.
Under fire for backing away from a campaign promise to open up health care negotiations to C-SPAN cameras, the White House on Monday highlighted a report from a coalition of watchdog groups awarding the Obama administration an “A” for its openness.
"Watchdog organizations"?  Sounds like they need to start actually watching the White House, instead of doing a verbal emulation of Monica Lewinski.
H/T to Random Nuclear Strikes


 Personally, I think Harry Reid is a jackass.  That said, how long is this nit-picking about politically correct speech going to go on?  Plenty of people in all areas of the political spectrum have popped up with dumbass remarks on occasion; he apologized if it bothered anyone, so let's move on to something important, like the stupid shit he does in the Senate.


 Sarah Palin joins Fox News; liberal heads explode all across the country.
I don't watch news on TV myself; I prefer using the Web to search and cross-check without all the bullshit being pumped out by talking heads on the boob tube.
What amuses me is the almost insane reaction she gets from the left; anyone else and they get annoyed.  With Palin, she seems to bring out a frothing-at-the-mouth fervor that is completely out of scale; no one else seems to get that reaction.  Hell, I hope they keep her around for a while just so I can hear people sputter at mention of her name.  Sort of like when you were a kid and would tap a stick on a fence just to see/hear the dog inside going into a barking frenzy.
Wingnuts and moonbats; there's humor from both ends of the political spectrum.


Any favorites in this bunch?

         "Taking A Ride" by Don Felder
         "I Was in the House When the House Burned Down" by Warren Zevon
         "Substitute" by The Who
         "Your Cheatin' Heart" by Hank Williams
         "Hero Takes a Fall" by The Bangles
         "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones
         "White Bird" by It's a Beautiful Day
         "The Great Gate at Kiev" by Moussourgsky
         "Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)" by Mike + the Mechanics
         "Downtown" by Petula Clark

A couple from the list.

One of the top songs from the mid sixties, Petula Clark was quite popular. If you have seen the movie/musical Finian's Rainbow, she is Finian's daughter.

This was a popular song in the late sixties. The lead singer/violinist grew up here in Salt Lake, and played first chair in the Utah Symphony before going to the west coast and forming a band.


meleah rebeccah said...

I cant stop watching the news coverage of the earthquake in Haiti; its sooo upsetting, and scary to realize just how powerful Mother Nature is.

James Higham said...

She does have that way of sending the left apoplectic, Palin. This might make her less good as a presidential candidate because she has to carry at least some of the other side.

elliot said...

Shakin' the bush, boss. Shakin' the bush.

Kenny said...

I saw It's a Beautiful Day in concert, it must have been in 69 or 70. It was great

terri said...

Huh. Now there's a first. I only recognize one song in your list today, and that's good old Hank.

Didn't recognize the title of your post either... My brain must be fuzzy today.

BobG said...

meleah: makes us seem sort of insignificant in the order of things, doesn't it?

James: I think she does better out of national politics; this way she is more of an annoyance to the left wing.

elliot: good to see someone who remembers.

Kenny: put on a good show, didn't they?

terri: some of the songs you probably heard, but didn't know by name.
I'm surprised you didn't recognize the title; you've never seen Cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman?

meleah rebeccah said...

Yes. Actually. It does.