Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another trip around the sun

This is number 59 for me, as a matter of fact. On Jan 20, 1952, I came into this world as a breech baby, and have been doing things ass-backwards since. My mom had her birthday on the eighteenth, so my younger brother took our mom and me to lunch that day.(Thanks again, Rich)


We seem to be having a mid-January thaw around here; it has been either sunny or raining for several days now, and all the gray snow is about gone. It's a nice break from the cold and ice we've been experiencing.


Still spending a lot of time working on my shoulder. I have full range of motion, but my strength leaves something to be desired. Right now , if I tried really hard, I could probably arm-wrestle an eight-year-old to a draw.
I try to spend some time on my lower body with the machines at the gym, and walking on an inclined treadmill. Strangely enough, I haven't lost any pounds, but I've had to tighten my belt almost four inches, so something must be taking place.


No comments on the news; most of it is a mixture of WTF? and bullshit, and hopefully the smoke will clear soon.


There has to be a favorite or two in here; if there isn't one, there should be.

"Touch of Gray" by Grateful Dead
"Blue Suede Shoes" by Carl Perkins
"Come Stay With Me" by Marianne Faithful
"Small Town" by John Mellencamp
"Beg, Borrow, and Steal" by Rare Breed
"Our Guessing Game" by The Moody Blues
"Legs" by ZZ Top
"Hurt" by Johnny Cash
"Kerosene" by Miranda Lambert
"With You There to Help Me" by Jethro Tull

This song was originally done by Nine-Inch Nails. The Man in Black does a haunting rendition of it, not long before he passed away.

A hot song from a firecracker of a lady.

One of my favorites of Jethro Tull.


doubletrouble said...

Happy Birthday young feller!

Heh- I've got 5 weeks on ya...

James Higham said...

Happy birthday, you young whippersnapper!

Kenny said...

happy birthday

terri said...

Happy Birthday!!! Glad to hear you're enjoying a little reprieve from the winter. Sounds like things are definitely improving with your shoulder, even if not as quickly as you'd like.

3 favorites for me this week: John Mellencamp, Johnny Cash and Miranda Lambert.

Annie said...

Happy birthday from me, too. And from my husband! :) Hope you had a great one.

I was just reading your comment on my blog. And it made me almost cry. Thank you so very much. And I am absolutely amazed that you are really reading my posts! :)

Comrade Misfit said...

Happy birthday, Oh Old One (by less than two yeas, but it counts).

May you have many happy and health more!

BobG said...

Doubletrouble: I didn't beat you by much, did I?

James: nice to know their are a few people out there older than me.

Kenny: thanks for dropping by Kenny

Terri: I'll be glad when winter is completely over. I have a lot of stuff to do in the spring, so I hope my shoulder recovers more quickly.

Annie: thank you for coming by; and thanks for the birthday wishes.

EBM: thanks for the good wishes; I hope for at least a dozen or so, if I can get my health better.

MauserMedic said...

Happy birthday, and I'll take the same weight with a smaller waist any day.

BobG said...

Jeremy: thanks for the good wishes. Good thing I don't eat cake.

MauserMedic: it's great to be a bit smaller, but it's still work carrying all that weight around.

Bob S. said...

Happy Birthday
Sorry I'm late but best wishes and hoping for many, many more years for you.

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh! YAY! Happy Birthday, BobG!

James Higham said...

Well, it has been said that when he takes his mask off, behind Pink Dave is Blair.