Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in..."

For you youngsters that was the title of a song by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition from 1968.
It's been three weeks since I have set pen to paper (metaphorically speaking), and I am surprised my friends are still checking on me


 After vacation I worked on getting the yard in shape; at that time I was in bad shape from my back and the resulting sciatica, so I was usually either busy or lying about recovering. Sleep was poor and not enough.  Last week I got some more spine injections, and I am doing better, at least for now.  The muscles are still stiff, and I can feel that things are not right back there, but I am suffering little pain right now. 


Got a family reunion from my mom's side of the family coming up this weekend; some of my cousins and such I haven't seen in over twenty or thirty years.  Should be interesting meeting some of my relatives that I've never met before.


It looks as if Eric Holder may be found for contempt for not releasing information on the Fast and Furious fiasco; it won't matter, because he still refuses to cooperate.  He did offer to release the information if they promised to drop the investigation first, but even the Republicans aren't stupid enough to fall for that, though I'm not sure about Bohner; I'm wondering if that idiot has made a deal to try and block things, the way he has been acting.  If Holder didn't do anything wrong, why the secrecy?  And now the President has used executive privilege to try and protect him.  If the President isn't involved, why is he taking the risk of protecting an obvious liar?  Obama is not the type to help anyone unless there is something in it for him (he is a politician, after all), so either he is trying to hide possible White House involvement, or he is worried about Holder blabbing about something he would rather keep quiet.  Personally, my money is on the first scenario.


 We've been having problems with grass and  brush fires on the south end of the valley; added with the high temperatures and constant wind for the last couple of weeks, and it is a mess for the people living in that area.  Hopefully no one will be injured, or suffer serious property damage.
The fire has been blamed on target shooters, but personally I think it more likely that one of them was careless with a cigarette butt.  Contrary to popular myth, bullets do not cause fire or sparks unless either they are tracers or steel core (armor piercing) rounds.  The Forest Service and BLM have always been somewhat hostile to shooting, so they are quick to make accusations with or without facts.


"It Ain't Me Babe" by The Turtles
"Hungry" by Paul Revere and the Raiders
"Against the Wind" by Bob Seger
"John The Revelator" by Curtis Stigers and The Forest Rangers
"Mechanical World" by Spirit
"The Old Man Down the Road" by John Fogerty
"It's Only Make Believe" by Conway Twitty
"Alone" by Heart
"The Rebel" by Johnny Cash
"Handle With Care" by The Traveling Wilburys


AlanDP said...

I must be the only person in the world who never liked Conway Twitty.

BobG said...

AlanDP: I think a lot of it depends on your age group; I grew up with rockabilly and old rock and roll, so he would appeal more to people my age.

AlanDP said...

I don't think it has to do with my age. I like lots of other singers who are just as old or older than him. I think it has more to do with him going around singing R&B and people calling it "country."

BobG said...

AlanDP: Personally, I did like his old stuff better than the stuff he did on the country stations.

James Higham said...

It looks as if Eric Holder may be found for contempt for not releasing information on the Fast and Furious fiasco; it won't matter, because he still refuses to cooperate.

Your tone is more reasonable, bob, than mine will be this morning on Holder.

terri said...

Glad to hear you're getting at least some relief from the back pain.

Hope you had fun at the reunion!

The Conway Twitty song has always been a favorite of mine.

Bob G. said...

You take it easy on the 5th...rest up and enjoy the day.

About your music list...
For SOME reason I had FORTUNATE SON going through my head for the past few days...the Fogerty song brought it back again...LOL>

Take it easy.

Stay safe out there.
(the OTHER Bob G)

DirtCrashr said...

Get well! Maybe we can go shootin' at the Rendezvous this year?
DirtCrashr is now NotClauswitz...

Brian said...

Dude,,not only does your music take me down memory lane,(how can we all not be great music writers growing up with those guys?) but your "Nun" pic choice and music takes me back to Catholic school, kinda scary...(I think I had some of those nuns,,) lol..If you check out www.asiseethetruth.blogspot.com....leave a comment..Brian

BobG said...

James: if I talked about Holder the way I would like to, it would be unfit for print.
Terri: thanks for dropping by; most people your age have never heard of Conway Twitty.
Bob G: CCR seems to do that.
NotClauswitz: I'm hoping to get to GBR again this this year.
Brian: nice to hear from someone else who seems to be in my age group.