Wednesday, September 20, 2006

State sues car firms on climate

If there was ever any doubt that the state of California was completely batshit crazy, this should settle it.

California is asking for "monetary compensation" for the damage which it says their emissions are doing to health, economy and environment.

State lawyers want any judgement for damages to be ongoing, so that manufacturers will be liable every year.

I would like to see them prove that all of their problems are caused by car exhausts. If they are, try complaining to the people who are driving the cars. Of course that might lose some votes...
Obviously what we have here is an incompetent bunch of politicians trying to find some way to soak someone for more money without raising taxes. So like any other greedy loser, they result to highway robbery reckless litigation.
What a bunch of jackasses.


Hammer said...

Thats as bad as when they sent Florida retirees income tax bills because they had worked at least part of their life in California.

The land of fruit and nuts has become as flakey as some third world juntas.

I wish Swartzenegger would grow a set.

Nate said...

Time for those car companies under suit to refuse to sell cars and trucks to the state or any government municipality in the People's Republik.

GUYK said...

I agree with nate. The way to stop the nuts is to crack the nuts and if the industries threatened would just refuse to do business in the state then the state has to get off their backs are else do without.

But I think the best solution is when we build that fence to keep out the Mexicans include California to keep the nuts contained on the left coast.

DirtCrashr said...

Wait till you get a load of Prop 87, a plan to extort money from oil companies! Hahahaha!

Hammer said...

Remember the class action suit that all these police departments and sherrifs departments had against Ford for the exploding Crown victoria cop cars?

Ford fleet sales stopped selling to anyone who was party to the suit.

All of these police department heads were flabergasted that ford wouldn't sell them any more fiery death dealing rolling molotov cocktails.

The Cops were relegated to combing used car lots, salvage yards and auctions to keep enough Crown Vics
on the road .

I think this same strategy would work against California.

KeesKennis said...

The world is a stupid place.


Thank you young man for linking me. I have just gone past 10,000 hits.

Thank YOU.

DirtCrashr said...

This is Bill Lockyer's swan-song and attempt to grab headlines. He's been term-limited out as Atty. General and now he's running for Treasurer, all the high-level Dems are playing Musical Chairs with the Offices -- and given the gerrymandered districts they worked to rig, many will succeed.