Thursday, September 14, 2006

Childhood Obesity

According to a report, this is becoming quite a problem. I agree, but I do not agree with the following:

The creation and evaluation of programs needs to be done by federal and local governments, says the report. It calls on the food industry to promote healthy products, as well as to take steps to develop well-balanced and nutritious products.

Since when is it the government's responsibility? I thought that was something that parents did? Aren't they the ones who are supposed to raise their children, take care of their needs, and teach them how to cope with life?
The last thing we need is the state taking on even more nanny responsibilities than it has now.
Just my opinion.


Tall Cool Drink of Water said...

We have a lot of fat kids down here. They are all full of refried beans and tortillas.

Kenny said...


I agree, the government should mind it's own and leave raising kids to the parents. If you have a fat (PC term "husky") kid then you have to deal with it. I know that is much easier said then done. But that is life

hammer said...

Parents need to establish good habits early in life. Many lazy parents just stick their kid in front of the TV with a box of crackers instead of spending time with them.