Thursday, October 05, 2006

Child plea made to games industry

The nanny state of the UK strikes again; they believe it is the game manufacturers' fault that children spend too much time playing games.

Creative industries minister Shaun Woodward said the industry had to deal with its image problem.Mr Woodward told delegates at the London Games Summit that they had to take the authors of the letter seriously, and realise that there was more to life than videogames.
He said: "This is an important debate because you have access to around 23 million people in this country who are gamers; many of those are young people.
"How do we reach into homes where games have become a substitute for parenting? You [the games industry] might say that this is not your responsibility, but if you say that I think that is the response of a nascent industry."

Has it occurred to anyone to talk to the parents of the children? I thought they were responsible for their children. My mistake, I guess...


Anonymous said...

Talking to parents doesn't get news coverage.

Over the top unwarranted blame aimed at the manufacturer of a legal that is newsworthy.

Jimmy said...

I think that, with the world in such a hopeless state, video games are a much-less destructive escape for kids than, say, drugs or crime.

These moralizers need to stop picking on trivial things and focus on real issues.