Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mexico anger over US border fence

I am getting real tired of people like Mexican President Vicente Fox; evidently he is confused as to what country he is running.

"I'm sure that the United States is committing a grave mistake in building this fence." Outgoing Mexican President Vicente Fox called the plans "shameful".

Mexico has pledged to challenge the fence at the United Nations, having already appealed to the Organization of American States.

Excuse me?
Who the hell do you people think you are to tell us what we can do inside our own borders? Since when are you entitled to use our country as a way of bleeding off the unemployed, poor, and criminals of your country? If you are so worried about your people, why not improve your country so they quit trying to leave? Why are you so concerned because we want legal immigrants who will obey the laws? What is shameful is that you cannot keep your citizens happy in their own country.
As far as appealing to the United Nations, I could care less what that useless bunch of idiots thinks. So to all the people who think we should roll over and let everyone trample us into the sort of place that they are trying to escape, you can KMA and STFU.
Just my opinion.


bjbarron said...

A valid rant...if the damn fence was real. It's more of a virtual fence right now - unfunded.

It's for of a 'the fence on the border is paved with good intentions' sort of fence right now. And even that leaves a whopping 1400 miles of non-fence that's not even virtual.

The whole thing stinks - one would think that with 70% of the public calling for border security, both parties would be falling over themselves to build it.

Something is fishy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what vincente would say to a border mine field with razor wire.

Tall Cool Drink of Water said...

How about we put Vincente in the mine field with a blindfold on and see if he can make his way out. He is one worthless pile of dog dung in my eyes.

DirtCrashr said...

I think he's trying to distract attention from the uprising down in Oaxaca, they must have one helluva powerful-activist Teacher's Union...hmmm, not unlike the one here in California maybe.