Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Big Brother gets bigger in UK

In U.K. public places, smarter closed-circuit TV cameras have been given the ability to listen out for disturbances as well as keeping an eye on citizens.
The system works by putting microphones in CCTV cameras to continually analyze the sound in the surrounding area. If aggressive tones are picked up, an alarm signal is automatically sent to the police, who can zoom in the camera to the location of the suspect sound and investigate the situation.

The police will be sent if someone talks in the wrong tone of voice?
So they have cameras watching everyone, microphones will listen to everyone's speech tones, what is next, mandatory chip implants? How can people think it is proper for the government to be breathing down their backs whenever they are outside of their homes? Orwell had the date wrong, but the society he wrote about in 1984 is becoming a reality. I just hope they don't get ideas like that on this side of the Atlantic. Though, I think we have some types in DC who would look favorably on that kind of surveillance in this country. I won't say which ones (Hint: "It's for the children!").
Just my opinion.


hairy hobbit said...

Well, what if enough people just randomly SHOUTED ANGRY SOUNDING THINGS?

damn that's a depressing country, I'm constantly surprised that they could have ever held such a larger portion of the globe.

bleat for me my little sheeple!

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

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