Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This is not the usual sort of thing that I write about; I usually have a comment on culture, technology, politics, and such. I don't claim to be a good writer, and this could use some polishing, but I felt that I needed to set something down today.

Some of my earliest memories are of my dad; I have a lot of good memories of both of my parents, but the very oldest ones are of me with my father doing things. I recall him taking me out to Nellis Air Force Base (where I was born) and showing me the aircraft, and even putting me in the cockpit of a Saber Jet once; there were a lot of them there back from Korea in the early Fifties.
I also remember going camping with him, and being taught to shoot long before I was old enough to go to school. We did a lot of camping, hunting, and fishing while I was growing up, and even managed to do quite a bit until I was in my forties.
When he got out of the Air Force, we moved to Utah, where I went to school when I got old enough. He became a machinist and worked at that for over 35 years.
When he retired, as a master machinist and millwright, he went to work for the government again, as a member of the Dugway Police Force. He had already accrued some time in both the Navy and the Air Force, so after several years, he was able to retire from the government.
In 2004, he was diagnosed with small cell cancer. He went through the chemo and radiation treatment, and managed to send it into remission. A few months later, it struck again; and again he fought it into remission.
In November of 2005, it struck again, stronger and more aggressive than before, and this time there was no stopping it. He died on November 15, one year ago today.

We were never rich, but we never lacked for what we needed, and he raised my brother and I on the idea that a person should make their own way in the world, and that you should always take responsibility for your actions. He worked a lot of long shifts and put in a lot of overtime to make certain that his family was taken care of ; to him family was the most important thing a person had.

I'm not sure why I am posting this; it just seems like it was something I needed to do at this time. Those of you who have gone through this may understand. For those of you who still have your family members with you, just make certain to make the most of your time with them, because you never know what can happen. I am just glad I was able to spend the time with him that we had, and wish it could have been more.


Hammer said...

I take my hat of to your dad.

Thanks for sharing that with us.

kirsten namskau said...

Thanks for sharing your memories. It's the best luggage to bring through life.

skywriter said...

That's the best kind of father to have, he didn't tell you so much how to live; he lived, and let you watch him. I know he is sorely missed.

Thanks for sharing with us.

og said...

Nicely done, thanks for sharing. Yeah, your dad and mine would have gotten on fine, I think.