Thursday, January 18, 2007

Excuse my griping...

I noticed that it's been over a week since I wrote anything; where has the time gone? That's what happens when you're both busy and feeling down. The weather for the past couple of weeks has been miserable; low single digits at night and highs in the high teens and (on occasion) the low twenties. This has a tendency to make those of us prone to joint ailments very unhappy. Today I had the added joy of going outside at 7:30 AM and 5 degrees, and find a flat tire. Have you ever changed a tire in single digit weather with a bad back and an arthritic knee?
The heart doctor changed some of my pills the other day; after a couple of days of light palpitations, my ticker seems to have evened out, at least for now.
Nietzsche once said: "What does not kill him, makes him stronger". He didn't know what he was talking about; what does not kill me usually just makes me feel like shit, not stronger. You'll have to excuse my mood; sometimes I get this way. I'll probably do better tomorrow, I just feel like I had to blow off a little steam today.
Saturday is my birthday; the grand age of 55 (w00t). I think I'll go to the gun show on that day and try to cheer myself up. If that doesn't work, maybe a couple of beers and a steak for dinner will do the trick. Have a good one, people...


GUYK said...

I know the feeling about them Rites boys in your joints..just had some lube shot into both knees and have to go back two more times for the lube job..hell if it works I may get the quack to lube my shoulders and my fingers..

The Cynical Libertarian said...

Happy birthday in advance. Go get yourself a new toy, always cheers me up :D

Mad Monk said...

Did you swear? Kick the tire? Slam the door when you went back in?

I'd love to hear about the raw emotions.

Those affect the ticker too.

Mad Monk

Serene being with a temper