Sunday, January 21, 2007

The TSA again rises to the occasion...

Southwest Airlines was still looking into how the 80-pound, 4-foot-9 fourth-grader made his way through security and onto two flights Monday, from Seattle to Phoenix and then to San Antonio.

Evidently we have a database to deny or approve people taking flights, but a minor can just walk on board without even having to purchase a ticket. Does anyone besides me wonder what would happen if someone strapped a device to a little kid and sent him on a flight? Even if that is not possible, how is it that a 9 year old is able to outsmart several people and con them into giving him a free, unsupervised ride?

Semaj, said to have been trying to reach his grandfather in Dallas, also is accused of leading police on a high-speed chase in a stolen car on Sunday.

The boy probably will remain at the center until his grandfather or another guardian can take custody of him, said Fred Wist, a prosecutor in Washington state's Pierce County.

Wist has filed charges against Semaj in connection with Sunday's high-speed pursuit. Authorities say Semaj, who had run away before, eluded police at speeds of 80-90 mph until he took an exit and the engine blew. He was returned home but ran away again Monday.

The kid is also a car thief, and was able to keep ahead of the police for a while. I have to wonder what he is going to be like at 16, at the rate he is going. Sounds to me like someone needs to bring a little discipline and authority to his life.

Meanwhile, old ladies are still having to take off their shoes to take a flight...

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Hammer said...

That kid is more resourceful than most adults I know.