Friday, June 15, 2007

Bush Continues Push for New Immigration Bill

President Bush today pressed his campaign for a new comprehensive immigration bill, telling an audience of Latino religious leaders that "our economy depends on" foreign workers and calling on Congress to act now before the problem of illegal immigration "grows worse."

You'd think, at this point, they would quit beating this dead horse. Obviously the thing is not going to pass, so quit slapping band-aids on it and toss it out. There comes a time when it isn't worth the trouble to fix something, you need to start over. I don't see why they are making such a big deal out of something that should be simple. Toss the stupid bill in the trash, and start over. May I offer some humble suggestions?

Secure the borders.
Stiffen the laws regarding the hiring of illegals.
Quit giving them citizen benefits unless they are legal citizens or are applying for citizenship.

That should cut down on some of the influx, then we can try to figure out what to do with the ones already in this country.
What we have right now is a bunch of jackasses in Washington DC who are all trying to find some way of declaring an amnesty without coming right out and saying it. You would think somebody in office would care what their voters want. The Democrats want future voters and the Republicans want cheap labor. When you also factor in the clueless media pushing for an amnesty, it's a three ring circus, and all three rings seem to be full of clowns.
Just my opinion.

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