Monday, June 04, 2007

Customer forced at gunpoint to pump gas into suspect's vehicle

A woman filling her car Sunday morning at a Salt Lake City gas station was forced at gunpoint to pump gas into another vehicle.
The victim was at a Chevron station at 875 S. State St. around 10 a.m. when she was approached by two men who had parked next to her, police said. The driver, a black adult, pushed something against her back and told her he had a gun. He then told her to fill up the tank on his newer white Jeep Cherokee.
The victim pumped $15 into the man's vehicle before her credit card reached its limit and stopped, police said. The suspects then drove away.
The passenger was described as male white adult. Cherokee had Wyoming license plates.

So now this person has an armed robbery charge on him when captured; all for $15 dollars worth of gas. Hell, around here that's only about four gallons worth, since gas is over three bucks a gallon.

What a dumb ass...


B&N said...

Truly amazing, indeed.

If the dolt is caught, what is he facing, 10 to 20 in the pen?

Kenny said...

Life is hard, it is harder when you are stupid

Terri said...

One thing this country will never be short on is morons like that!

Hammer said...

I'm not surprised. People have died for less that $15.

Still pathetic

skywriter said...

And probably drove to the bank to write a stick up note on one of his own deposit slips.