Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother Nature is playing games again

Last week I was working out in the yard in a t-shirt and short pants; woke up to snow this morning and it is still coming down.  At least it's light enough that it isn't sticking much.  Sort of plays hell with the blossoms on the fruit trees, though.


Warning: rant ahead

I'm curious to see how the situation in Arizona ends up with their new law on illegal immigration.  I think they have some bad wording in it; where the law says the police can ask for proof of citizenship if they have reasonable cause to think the person is an illegal, I don't really like that phrase.  Reasonable can mean different things to different people, and there is a high possibility of that being severely abused.  The law should be more clear and specific.
That said, I don't see a problem with the intent of the law; to curb the flood of illegals coming in. Basically the law says the same thing that the federal law says.  The only reason it passed is because the federal government refuses to enforce it.  They have the manpower and money to go after harmless gun owners, they have the manpower and money to wage war on marijuana, but they can't seem to get their shit together when it comes to securing our border.  This has been going on for several years, and the people in the state are tired of the federal government sitting around with their thumbs up their asses while they are getting a deluge of smugglers, thieves, and murderers coming in along with the illegals.
For some time now, the federal government has managed to poke its nose into a lot of areas that are not really their business; the Constitution tells what powers the government has, and it has overreached them badly.  But securing our borders against invasion is one of the things that is specifically spelled out as the responsibility of the federal government, and they have been shirking that duty for decades.  So to the assclowns in Washington DC and the White House, if you don't like what they are doing, then get your heads out of your asses and do your job like you are supposed to be doing.  If you won't, then STFU.
Just my opinion.


 Supposedly, the House and Senate are working on some sort of financial reform to try and stave off a repeat of the mess we're in today.  The problem is that we have the same sort of crooked partisan politicians that helped get us here in the first place.

"Stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out?"
- Will Rogers
My feeling on it is that both sides will bicker, insult each other, and finally jam together some sort of abortion like the health care fiasco.  You have to remember, these guys may have been voted in to represent you, but they are working for themselves.  Any time one of them gets an idea for some sort of funded bill, they all line up for a chance to cut a fat hog in the ass.  And guess what? John Q. Taxpayer is the hog.


Looks like some people are getting ready to run against Chavez in the Venezuela elections.
My personal take is that either he'll find a way to eliminate them from running, he'll rig the elections, or he'll find some excuse to cancel the elections. 


 Who says America doesn't have royalty?


Any favorites or comments on this bunch?

         "Abracadabra" by Steve Miller Band
         "Kind of a Drag" by The Buckinghams
         "Low Down Mojo Blues" by Blind Lemon Jefferson
         "Watching and Waiting" by The Moody Blues
         "You Ain't Going Nowhere" by Bob Dylan
         "Edge of a Broken Heart" by Vixen
         "A Hard Road" by John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
         "Dark Night" by The Blasters
         "The Look of Love" by Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66
         "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Alice Cooper


terri said...

We seem to have escaped that "one last snowfall" in these parts and I'm thrilled. It's been steady in the 60's and even 70's some days.

BobG said...

We got more snow over the night; just enough to make it cold and wet. I wish it would warm up and rain, this winter stuff is getting old.

Bob G. said...

so it was YOU guys that got that weird-ass snow...hope it wasn't too messy during drive-time.

ANd another great list of me humming most of them already.

As to your take on the AZ immigration law...sounds a LOT like my take.
I suppose guys named BOB think alike...(as long as they're not politicians)...LOL.

Have a great (snow-free) week!

(the other) Bob G.

BobG said...

Bob G: the snow wasn't sticking much; just enough to make it cold and wet. Glad to hear you like the selection of the day.
I think a lot of people share our views on immigration.

meleah rebeccah said...

In all seriousness, this Spring has been delivering the craziest weather Ive ever experienced!

James Higham said...

I like the Will Rogers quote.

BobG said...

Meleah: it has been quite odd; it's been a lot colder than usual.

James: Will Rogers is under appreciated; he understood more about people and politics than most so-called "experts".

Firehand said...

Right now it's May 6; yesterday it hit 90 here, today they're saying 70 for a high and lows in the 40's next couple of nights. But no bloody snow(thank you, deity).

Some of that music I'd not heard of, I'll have to give them a listen

BobG said...

We had freezes in the valley the last couple of nights, but it's supposed to start getting warmer.
I tend to like a lot of the older rock and country.

James Higham said...

This has been going on for several years, and the people in the state are tired of the federal government sitting around with their thumbs up their asses while they are getting a deluge of smugglers, thieves, and murderers coming in along with the illegals.

SPPNA, Bob. Part of NAFTA. Everyone ignores it but it's the reason Washington and various state governments are soft on it. Free trade zone and agreement between Bush, Martin and Fox in 2005 was to turn a blind eye, with a view to open borders.

Where is that wall Bush talked about?

AlanDP said...

They also have the money to do this.