Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's been a while

I was going to try and post more often, but you can see how that worked out. Seems like every time I think I might blog, something comes up; when I don't have anything to do, my mind goes blank or I don't feel up to it. It's amazing that some of my friends and readers still come here, considering how irregular my posting seems to be. For all of those who come here, thank you.

It's a little warmer than usual around here lately; we have been getting a wee bit of snow in the mountains, but no enough to do any good. Precipitation here in the valley has been almost nonexistent. It is getting too dry around here. Even with low temperatures, the lack of moisture could have deleterious effects on dormant vegetation. Hopefully we will get some rain soon, though I am not looking forward to snow. The air pressure has been acting like a yo-yo, so my joints have been very unhappy; some days I have to struggle to tie my shoes and walk to the mailbox, other days it just hurts without limiting me too much. Growing old really sucks.


I can't say I'm impressed with the federal government and their handling of the financial crisis. They all vote to bail out a bunch of incompetents, and then start asking for more money. From what I can see, all they are doing is trying to see who will kiss their asses for some money, and how much they pucker up will determine how much they get. The auto manufacturers are the ones that really annoy me; they do a piss-poor job of designing and making cars, and then want the taxpayers to save their butts, without giving any reason to doubt they will go belly-up again. It seems to me if they are going to get some loot from the deal, they should have to do some major restructuring. And the auto workers are going to have to come down off the clouds and join the rest of the working class in this country. They are not without blame in this.


I don't really understand India; they have a poorly trained police force (due to lack of funds, they say), but why is it they have enough money to have a nuclear weapons program? Seems to me if you want to protect your citizens, you start on the ground level. Of course, letting the people people protect themselves wouldn't hurt. Terrorists (who are cowards at heart, and don't try to convince me otherwise) look at places like Dombai the same way the crazies in this country look at schools and malls: as low-risk, target-rich environments.


I see where the firearms industry is doing well for right now; a lot of people feel that there is going to be an offensive against their 2nd Amendment rights under the new administration; I think they're right. Expect the federal government to chip away at the 2nd Amendment, the same way they have been chipping away at the rest of the Bill of Rights. If you don't think the Bill of Rights is being eroded, you haven't been paying attention. Of course, the mainstream media paints a different picture; they manage to distort facts, hide stuff, and tell plain-vanilla lies.

"If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed."
-Mark Twain

Mainly a lot of old stuff, from several different genres. There has to be at least one or two favorites in this bunch.

"Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon
"Strange Days" by The Doors
"The Shadow of Your Smile" by Tony Bennett
"Homeward Bound" by Simon & Garfunkel
"Amarillo by Morning" by Terry Stafford
"Summertime" by Reneé Olstead
"In the Misty Moonlight" by Dean Martin
"Yesterday" by Marianne Faithfull
"Five Feet High and Rising" by Johnny Cash
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" by Iron Butterfly (long version)

This version of a classic blues/jazz song being sung by Reneé Olstead is one of the newer ones. She is a singer-actress who has been around for a few years. At the time of the video below she was 17, but has been singing this type of music since her early teens. You may have seen her in movies and on TV in the past couple of years.


terri said...

You're welcome! :-) You're in my reader, so no matter how long it's been, I know when you post.

Sorry about the aches and pains. Yes, growing old does suck.

I think this is the first time I don't see any faves in the playlist. I barely recognize most of them.

skipper said...


In my reader too - when you show up - I show up. Amarillo by morning - haven't heard it for that song...

Nate said...

I was in Impact Guns last Saturday, they had exactly 2 AR15 rifles for sale and they were top $$ varmit or target versions. And a BIG sign that said More AR15s Coming Soon!

So, yeah, I think the gun makers and sellers are showing some significant profits this quarter.

James Higham said...

It's amazing that some of my friends and readers still come here, considering how irregular my posting seems to be. For all of those who come here, thank you.

It's not a matter of posts, Bob. It's a matter of friendship.

GeologyJoe said...

Bob. some times it is tough to write all the time. but it's your blog man. don't apologize.
And i agree with your other points on the fed. govt., car companies, india and firearms. Heck, even I have an order in for a black rifle in .223.

keep up the good fight.

meleah rebeccah said...

"Seems like every time I think I might blog, something comes up; when I don't have anything to do, my mind goes blank or I don't feel up to it"

That's been happening to me too. I dont know if its the weather or the season?

Kenny said...


Just glad to know you are doing well. The bail out is a rip of of the American people, and it is only going to get worse. Let the big three go belly up and start over again. Should have done the same with the housing mess. Buy guns and ammo and as much as you can afford, then hang on for a rough ride.

BobG said...

terri: always good to hear from you; a lot of those are before your time.
skipper: a lot of people don't remember that version (1973); most people that even know the song remember the version in 1982 by George Strait.
Nate: I haven't been to a gun store or show in months; I can only imagine.
James: I'm always glad to hear from you; your blog is one of my daily reads.
Joe: I imagine you have trouble blogging with the baby there; they can use up a lot of time and energy.
meleah: I think it's a little bit of both. There's always health problems too, as you well know. I'm surprised you are able do as much as you do.
Kenny: glad to see you come around; getting all banged up in your accident must be limiting what you do. I've had cracked ribs, but not a cracked sternum. I can't imagine how painful that must be.