Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hispanic activists sue over illegal-immigrant crackdown in Pa. town

Hazleton, a city of about 31,000 people 80 miles from Philadelphia, voted last month to fine landlords $1,000 for renting to illegal immigrants, deny business permits to companies that give them jobs, and make English the city's official language.

The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund said the lawsuit is the first in the nation against a city that passed an illegal-immigration ordinance. The group and other plaintiffs contend the measure violates the law and asked a federal judge to prevent its enforcement.

I would like to hear what sort of justification this group can make; seems like they are quick to call on the law for support of illegal activities, but not very good at obeying the laws unless it suits them.

It seems a little ridiculous that a group is suing the local government for trying to uphold the law; something the federal government refuses to do, and something we should ALL remember come election time.
Just my opinion.


Kenny said...

It seems that trying to protect your country is not politicly correct. Illeagal imagration should be a capital offense

GUYK said...

I think there is gonna be some rude awakenings for the GOP come November..but I also don't believe that is gonna make things any better The left wing dim-a-crits want to open the border like a seive and of course Bush and company are rolling over for them.

My hope is that once the GOP sees what happens they will kick the religious right wing out and return to the roots of the party which is national defense and fiscal responsibility. This pandering to the religious right with bills to prevent gay marriage and prevent flag burning is a smoke screen to cover the inadequacies of the senate. And the GOP is gonna pay for it at the polls.

Karen said...

I'd like to hear what they "think" justifies that. Illegal is illegal. It seems the illegal citizens and criminals have more rights than we do.