Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Study claims to link vulgar lyrics to early sex by teenagers

Personally, I find this a little hard to believe without better evidence. It reminds me of when I was growing up in the Sixties, and our elders were blaming everything on the Beatles, whether it was drinking, sex, drugs, or anything else they didn't like about teens.
Did it ever occur to these people that perhaps sexually active teenagers were more drawn to explicit music? There are too many times when the horse and cart are transposed by a study, especially if the sponsor of the study has a personal agenda. I don't see enough concrete evidence to draw the conclusion that music causes promiscuity, any more than video games are responsible for violence.
Just my opinion.


Phoenix Ravenflame said...

That's kind of what I said to my husband about this. Maybe kids who listen to explicit lyrics in songs don't have parents who pay attention to what their kids are listening to. Maybe they also don't know who their kids hang out with, where they go, or when they'll be home. Some of them might not even really care... they're too busy sleeping around to watch their kids. I think all those things would be a bigger influence than the music.

My husband said listening to explicit lyrics when he was a teenager didn't help him in that department. Of course, I pointed out that I've never heard Phil Collins sing anything I'd call "explicit".

KeesKennis said...

It is also a major starting point for boys that eventualy become blind.

Reason said...

I think your opinion is the correct one.

Anonymous said...

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