Thursday, August 17, 2006

Old-fashioned wheelguns

Over at Kim du Toit's, there has been a bit of discussion about a new commemorative revolver; some people like it, some don't. It is two-toned with pearl grips, and different people have different opinions. Personally, I tend more to the traditional when it comes to revolvers; blued metal and wooden grips. Just call me old-fashioned.
The gun below is a Colt Bisley 38-40 manufactured in 1894. It is a good shooter, though the grip design of the Bisley is a little odd if you are not used to it. My dad originally got it about 35 years ago. A friend of his found it in an attic, and wasn't big on guns. My dad had done a couple of favors for him (he was a journeyman machinist) and he offered it to my dad for $10. He immediately bought it, and check it over for any defects or problems. Just needed some cleaning.
We reloaded for it using cast lead 10mm 180 gr SW, with a bit of Unique powder, and it works just fine. When my dad passed away back in November, it was one of the things he left to me.

Click on picture for larger view.


Phoenix Ravenflame said...

That's where my husband recognized your name from... Kim du Toit's site! He thought your name was familiar, but couldn't remember which forum you might be on.

That's wonderful that you have your father's gun. Guns are a lot like bibles. They have a purpose, and most of them do the same job the same way. But there's just something that feels "right" about using your own, and one that's been passed down becomes much more than a tool. It becomes a vault full of memories and feelings that you can look into at any time just by holding it.

Kenny said...

Very nice.

Hammer said...


I collect old sixguns myself and would be proud to have a specimen like that one.

DirtCrashr said...

manufactured in 1984... or 1894? Anyhow it's sweet! My oldest wheelgun is a 1909 Colt New Service in .45 Colt that went to the Phillippines during the fight against the first Islamic crazies, the Moros. For some reason nothing newly made has much attraction for me.